robis 2.3.9

Documentation fixes.

robis 2.3.8

Added get_geometry() to construct WKT geometries.

robis 2.3.7

Returning tibbles instead of dataframes.

robis 2.3.6

Added option to cache HTTP requests.

robis 2.3.5

Added the option to include pure event records in the occurrence response.

robis 2.3.4

Added the option to filter on quality flags.

robis 2.3.3

Added support for dropped and absence records.

robis 2.3.1

Fixed the Leaflet base map.

robis 2.3.0

Added quality flags to occurrence results.

robis 2.1.12

Improved dataset usage metrics.

robis 2.1.11

Bugfix for checklist of unknown taxon.

robis 2.1.10

Added hab parameter for IOC-UNESCO HAB species.

robis 2.1.9

Fix for empty checklists.

robis 2.1.8

Critical fix for occurrence() bug introduced in version 2.1.7.

robis 2.1.7

Fix for duplicate rows in checklist().

robis 2.1.6

Fix for dataset().

robis 2.1.5

Added exclude and fields parameters, added EPSG:3031 support for Leaflet maps.

robis 2.1.0

Added dataset(), area(), and node().

robis 2.0.0

This is a major release which links robis to the new OBIS data system released in January 2019.