Available methods

Indrajeet Patil



#> Registered S3 method overwritten by 'broom.mixed':
#>   method      from 
#>   tidy.gamlss broom

Currently, S3 methods for mixed-effects model objects are included in the broom.mixed package, while the rest of the object classes are included in the broom package. This means that you constantly need to keep track of the class of the object (e.g., “if it is merMod object, use broom.mixed::tidy()/broom.mixed::glance()/broom.mixed::augment(), but if it is polr object, use broom::tidy()/broom::glance()/broom::augment()”). Using generics from broomExtra means you no longer have to worry about this, as calling broomExtra::tidy()/broomExtra::glance()/broomExtra::augment() will search the appropriate method from these two packages and return the results.


In this vignette, we list all available methods currently available across these two packages.

class tidy glance augment
Arima x x
Gam x x
Kendall x
Line x
Lines x
MCMCglmm x
Mclust x x x
MixMod x
NULL x x x
Polygon x
Polygons x
SpatialLinesDataFrame x
SpatialPolygons x
SpatialPolygonsDataFrame x
TukeyHSD x
aareg x x
acf x
anova x
aov x x
aovlist x
betareg x x x
biglm x x
binDesign x x
binWidth x
boot x
brmsfit x x x
btergm x
cch x x
cld x
clm x x x
clmm x x
coeftest x
confint.glht x
confusionMatrix x
coxph x x x
cv.glmnet x x
default x x x
density x
dist x
drc x x x
durbinWatsonTest x x
emmGrid x
epi.2by2 x
ergm x x
factanal x x x
felm x x x
fitdistr x x
ftable x
gam x x
gamlss x x
gamm4 x x x
garch x x
gee x x x
geeglm x x
glht x
glm x x x
glmRob x x x
glmmTMB x x x
glmmadmb x x x
glmnet x x
glmrob x x
gls x x x
gmm x x
htest x x x
ivreg x x x
kappa x
kde x
kmeans x x x
lavaan x x
list x x
lm x x x
lm.beta x
lmList4 x
lmRob x x x
lme x x x
lmodel2 x x
lmrob x x x
lsmobj x
manova x
map x
mclogit x x x
mcmc x
mcmc.list x
mediate x
merMod x x x
mjoint x x x
mle2 x
mlm x x
muhaz x x
multinom x x
nlrq x x x
nls x x x
orcutt x x
pairwise.htest x
pam x x x
plm x x x
poLCA x x x
polr x x x
power.htest x
prcomp x x
pyears x x
rcorr x
ref.grid x
regsubsets x
ridgelm x x
rjags x
rlm x x x
rlmerMod x
rma x x x
roc x
rq x x x
rqs x x x
spec x
speedglm x x x
speedlm x x x
stanfit x
stanreg x x
summary.glht x
summary.manova x
summary.plm x
summary_emm x
survdiff x x
survexp x x
survfit x x
survreg x x x
svyglm x x
svyolr x x
systemfit x
table x
tobit x
ts x
zoo x